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Teachers, Professors, Lecturers, School, College, University

Painful Manual grading is OVER !

evalbox is THE online test maker platform which allows you to quickly build, manage and deploy online exams, paper exams, or “hybrid” exams and grade them automatically (and hence save tons of time !).

For real or virtual classes, in a classroom or remotely (e-learnings, MOOCs, web based), evalbox is typically used for class reviews or class evaluations, mid-term or final exams, practice quizzes or timed online exams, vocabulary tests or foreign language exams, science tests or technology exams, that may also include multimedia : images, video, ...
Manage your question banks, enjoy the instant test creator with its unique random question picking feature or select questions from your question bank one by one, and schedule exams as frequently as you need: evalbox manages every step and your data securely and reliably.

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Trainers and training departments, Lecturers, Human resource professionals, team managers

Easy team
skill maps and knowledge gap analysis

For any kind of training or learning and development situation : corporate trainings, certifications, skill evaluation, employee evaluation or job compliance tests, evalbox is perfect for online assessments and skills monitoring. As frequently as you need, in-class or remotely, you can easily create and manage online tests, and use advanced results pages, metrics and online reports to analyze knowledge gaps and trigger relevant training plans.
Did I forget to mention the automatic grading system that will help saving tons of time and effort ?

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Hiring firms, head hunters, human resources managers,

Candidates screening and pre-selecting painful work is OVER !

Thanks to evalbox, the online test maker, nothing is easier than sending a pre-hire test to the 300 candidates who want to apply to the job you posted, analyzing their skills thanks to the advanced metrics and online reports, and keeping the best ones for the real face to face interview !
You can also outsource us all the organization work, or even order relevant tests to subject matter experts that we can provide

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Certification or audit companies, certification preparation professionals, training centers

Easily build online certifications and online self-training programs

You can indeed use evalbox’s self-training features or exam features to prepare or certify your learners : evalbox will allow you to grant (and sell !) access to self-training programs so your learners can prepare their coming certifications.
The test creator will then produce online exams, paper based exams or even hybrid exams with automatic grading !

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Why evalbox, the best online test maker software

To allow a real assessment system with hassle free online tests making process and online MCQ tests scheduling, diversification, automatic grading, automatic archiving, enhanced security and advanced cheat prevention algorithms.

evalbox is a free online test maker service, built to create and manage online exams (or paper exams). It is an easy to use online 24/7 testing service, trusted by thousands of worldwide professionals, which embeds advanced automatic grading tools. You just have to simply create quizzes using the random quiz maker (that will randomly pick up questions from your question banks), or manually selecting the ones that fits the most with your needs, and schedule your exams.

Its unique exam monitoring screen will help you to monitor / proctor online exams in real time. Thanks to advanced fraud detection and cheat prevention algorithms, you will be warned whenever a student is behaving strangely...

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Advantages of online exams (and online MCQs )

OVER ! The time when evenings and week-ends were dedicated to exams grading! VANISHED ! The pain and hassle to setup a real continuous evaluation program… GONE ! the difficulties to organize skill assessments among teams with world wide spread employees

What we offer is a real online test maker software which answers many assessment scenarios & needs. A powerful training & assessment tool for education, a complete skill assessment system for corporations, an efficient pre-hire tests solution to screen and pre-select candidates for hiring firms and head hunters, a safe & reliable certification software for high stakes exams, diplomas and certifications. And all of this within a professional, efficient and easy to use online exam solution : evalbox.

evalbox helps to create online exams that will be as much diversified as possible (thanks to the unique embedded real time diversification assistant), automatically graded (also true for paper exams !), and auto-archived in our data-safe systems. Our online exam software has been built with advanced and complex algorithms to detect abnormal (aka cheating) behaviors, immediately alert the trainer with the unique real time monitoring & supervision screen, and help him to take the right decisions. This is as far as we know the only anti-cheating online exam platform available around.

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How to create an online exam ?

evalbox can be used on any computer, tablet, smartphone, or with any printer/scan available. There is nothing to install, nothing to setup. This online quiz maker is available, right now, without installation, without integration, without any kind of delay.

Your first exam in 3 easy steps


with first names, names, and email addresses of the people you want to test : some students, a project team, a group of 200 candidates...


select your questions one by one, or use the random generator. Use images to illustrate your questions/answers, and assign time limits (or not!)


invite your students, relax, and trust the real-time monitoring engine to assist you. evalbox will then manage automatic grading !

Compatible with computers, mobile phones, tablets. Nothing is easier !

Ready to try ?

Some Key Features

Online or paper ?

Create and manage your question banks and your quizzes in evalbox. You can then decide at the last minute to run an online exam, a paper-based exam, or an hybrid one!

Paper auto-grading

Collect filled-in exam sheets, and scan them. A common multifunction printer will be enough. Time for a coffee and… evalbox will automatically grade them!

Random quiz generation

Need a new 50 questions quiz? Use the random generation algorithm that will pick up questions from your question banks… 15 seconds… done.

Self-Training mode

Allow your students/trainees to access some of your custom quizzes in self-training mode. With flashcards or auto-evaluation modes, you’ve got a very efficient training tool!

QUIZ sharing

Share your quizzes at different possible level: group, institution, school, enterprise. Use the crowd power to create question banks

Class Organization

It Allows an easy way to manage people: project team, real class with students, groups of candidates for a pre-hire test. Easy for skill assessment and follow-up


the exam sheets are auto-archived in pdf format. Graded exam sheets (with correction) can be downloaded in one click.

Exam sheets differentiation

Whenever you run an online exam or a paper-based exam, you can choose the same exam sheets for everyone, or if you want shuffled question & answers.

Advanced anti-cheating

Time-out per question, behavior monitoring system to stop a “google search” during an exam, real time trainee/students monitoring, real time behavior reporting and alerts

Grade Sheets

are available through various Excel exports to allow coefficient / or calculation rules, and advanced views (per “tag” marks for example)

Instant Grading

Students/Trainees receive their marks immediately after exam completion. But YOU decide whether to send them the graded/corrected sheets (or not!)


You can add images to illustrate the question, or several others to illustrate possible answers. You can also add some videos!

Enter evalbox now

And test its unique features for free


You can use evalbox for free !

But with some limitations on the volume and the advanced features...


Your case is "special" ?

(ie : you are a teacher and need to manage your subscription as your school does not want to sponsor…)

let's talk...

Before anything else, we are a team of passionate professionals, living evalbox with passion, and “love” our users & customers.

So we will help you as much as we can... PROMISED !
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    (*)You can not imagine how the most simple exam (10 minutes is enough !) launched at the end of every course will change the way your students or trainees will listen, memorize, and progress… Nor the way you will change the way you teach…
    And all of this with no more hassle nor time spent to grade your exams…

Some customers of evalbox


  • Your tool is AWESOME !Sebastien B., trainer, Custom Solution Marketing
  • evalbox est plus rapide à mettre en oeuvre la première fois que les outils du même typePatrice L., professeur, Lycée Professionnel
  • J'ai pu faire beaucoup d'autres choses depuis, alors que j'étais toute seule au centre de formation ! Bref, je suis conquise !Sabine T., directrice du centre de formation, SFAF (certification en analyse financière)
  • Simple, rapide, permet de gagner du temps pour préparer des évaluations !Manuel G, formateur
  • I searched everywhere before I found your software. It is very helpful, easy, and 100% availabe where we have a network connection. What I prefer and use the most : multimedia to illustrate my questions, I also love immediate grading...Jacques H., professional car school training owner
  • Les points forts d'evalbox ? rapidité pour la création d'Examen, sécurité ... Sabri D., service formation, KERENSEN

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